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Dori Fish Fillet 1 Kg

Rp. 46,000
Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 Kilogram

Specification of Dori Fish Fillet 1 Kg


What is the quality of our dory fish?
  • Fish quality is good -New product 
  • Fish quality with restaurant and supermarket standards 
  • Safe packing so that the fish is still fresh in your hands 
  • Fast delivery (shipped the same day) 
  • Thick and chewy meat texture 
  • Export Quality 
  • We don't say that our prices are the cheapest, but for the quality of our shop, it must be good, because our principle is that selling good products doesn't have to be expensive. 
  • The taste must be special because our products are good 

Product Details 
  • Vacuum sealed packaging Packed 
  • The color is whitish pink.
  • Water content ranges from 30% to 40%.frozen/in 1 kg, there are 3 pieces or also 4 pieces 
  • Photos of actual products that are 100% halal Quality 
  • Products Don't Have To Be Expensive, Because We Are First-Hand Distributors. 
  • The freshness of the fish is maintained, because we apply a cold chain handling system.


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